Why our Sisters are our Best Friends

Why our Sisters are our Best Friends

Did you know that the first Sunday of August is Sisters’ Day and that this year it is also Friendship Day? We think that might just be the perfect combination. We’re sharing why our sisters are make the best friends.

5 Reasons Why Sisters Are Amazing

  1. They know us so well.

    When you grow up with a sister, they know everything that makes you ‘you’, which means your sister always knows you best.

    They always know when something is bothering us, what annoys us and how to make us laugh. It is a blessing and a curse sometimes, but it is amazing to have that bond.

  2. They always have the best stuff.

    If you have a sister and you don’t end up with half her clothes and makeup in your bedroom, then you don’t know what you’re missing!

    Having a sister is like having a double wardrobe to access and just like any great friend,you know you’ll always find the best stuff to borrow.

  3. They always look out for us.

    From that school bully when you were little, to the first time a boy broke your heart, your sister is always there to make sure you’re alright.

    The great thing is that you know you feel the same too; no matter how much you tease your sister, that doesn’t mean anyone else can!

  4. You know friendships last forever.

    It isn’t always easy to get on with your sister. But no matter how many fights, you always make up.

    Because of our sisters, we know that friendships always have ups and downs but making up is always better in the long term.

  5. They always give the best presents.

    How come your sister always manages to find you the best presents? From those concert tickets you were dying to get or the lastest beauty treat you’ve been swatching at, your sisters always seem to get it just right.

    The best thing about it? You know you’re the best present buyer too and you should definitely remind her of that.

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