Winter Lip Colour Trends

Putting your lips back into the spotlight for the Winter, here are the new winter lip colour trends taking the fashion & beauty world by storm. Find your colour this season!

The Red Lip

The hottest shade of the season, a lick of red on your perfect pout instantly adds classic glamour and statement finishes for your beauty look. Find your perfect shade by looking at your skin tone, if you’re fair skinned you’ll need to go for a shade that’s nearest to the primary tone of red as possible, try Dainty Doll Lipstick in Saucy Sailor remembering to always use a lip liner or pencil to prevent colour running. If your skin is tanned picking an orange hue red lipstick will really bring out the colour of your tan. Try Natio Lip Colour in Playful, with a coral read hue and slight shimmer this is the perfect shade for bringing out your sun-kissed (or fake baked) tan.

The Pink Lip

A timeless colour that every girl can pull off, a Pink lipstick is perfect for boosting sex appeal or adding a flirty element to a statement outfit. For a subtle dose of pink perfection try Benefit Hydra Smooth  or if you want to go for all out Barbie beautiful try the NARS Cosmetics Sheer Lipstick, remembering to blot your colour with tissue for a pure matte and high impact finish.

The chocolate lip

A hard trend to pull off but with a bit of patience can really add some glamour to your Winter make up. Try the Nudes from Ciaté London which cover from a subtle bronze shimmer finish to a deep brown if you’re feeling a bit braver. A deep maroon brown shade can compliment golden hues used in your eyeshadow or bronzer for an amazing look.

The Berry Lip

The coolest shade to pull off always has its difficulties but if done right can transform your look into a gothic fantasy. A berry, plum or purple pout instantly deepens your look to leave you looking mysterious to the guys and fashion forward to every woman in the room.  Whether you want soft sheer berries or rich deep plum, this is the perfect winter lip colour.

The Wild Card

Sometimes the fashion & beauty world steps way outside the box and dares you into a rainbow of colours. From vibrant yellows to bold blues these colours have us both captivated and wary. Another way of mixing up your colour is to try the two-tone pout, picking 2 colours and either going for a colour on the bottom and top lip or a colour on the outer and inner lip.


Jasmine Gibson

Jasmine Gibson

Ethical Beauty Specialist

Hailing from sunny Warrington, I spend my days filling you in on the best beauty tips on our social media channels. But the obsession doesn’t end there; I am always hunting down new products and being Vegan, nothing makes me happier than discovering an amazing Cruelty Free beauty brand! My signature look is a bold bright lip with winged eyeliner.