Words of Wisdom from our Mums

Our mums are full of words of wisdom. They are always the ones we turn to when things get difficult and their tips on beauty, life and everything in between have become mantras we live by. You have been letting us in on the tips you love from your mums over on social media and now it is our turn! We’re celebrating Mother’s Day and sharing some of the best advice we have been given by our mums.

Words of Wisdom from our Mums

Jasmine, Ethical Beauty Specialist

Jasmine and her Mum

The one beauty tip my mum always gives me is to use a good moisturiser. It always leaves her glowing, so I’ll follow that one for sure!
In life she says ‘always be kind to others’. I remember her telling me that peopleare only mean when they are hurting and that being kind always softens a situation. It sounds simple but it is really important advice.

Amelia, Skincare Specialist

Amelia and her MumI am lucky because I have both my mum and my nana giving me incredible advice when I need it.
My nana has always said that ‘there’s nothing a cup of tea and cake can’t fix’, which has always worked so far! My mum is pretty similar and reminds me whenever things are tough to always smile and see the positive where you can. Both pretty good mantras, I think.

Ghalia, Beauty Box Specialist

Ghalia and her MumMy mum has always been incredible, raising my sister and me as a single mum, while obtaining her medical degree. She has always told me to never let anybody stop me from achieving my dreams. I’m working hard to follow her advice!

Laura, Make Up Specialist


I have always asked my mum for advice when things are tough, and she always has one answer: Be kind. She says if you are kind, then you’ll always be happy. Simple but I like it.
I am also definitely going to be following her advice on wearing SPF every day too. I want skin like hers when I am in my 60s, so pass me the sunhats and the suncream please!


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Make Up Specialist

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