Ice Cream Manicure with Ciaté

Ice Cream Manicure with Ciaté

Turn your nails into cute summer accessories with the Ciaté Ice Cream Varnish Collection this summer! At Lookfantastic we are obsessed with these amazing kits from Ciaté which let you play around with Salon perfect manicures at home. With 5 mini Paint Post nail polishes in gorgeous pastel shades and cute decals for the finishing touch, this is the quickest way to the cutest summer manicure. We have put together all our tips so you can get the perfect Ice Cream Manicure.

How to do an Ice Cream Manicure with the Ciaté Ice Cream Varnish Collection


Prep your nails by filing to your desired shape and then wiping them with cotton wool soaked in nail polish remover or acetone to remove any oils or debris. Then apply a your favourite base coat.


Paint your nails with your choice of colours. Keep them all the same or mix and match between the pastel shades. For the best results, apply in two thin coats, allowing the first coat to dry before applying the second.


Once your polish is dry, start applying the decals! They are in different sizes and colours so you can choose the perfect one for each nail. Do each nail one at a time. Peel the decal off the backing paper with tweezers and carefully place it onto the tip of your nail. Be careful, these don’t budge once they’re placed!


Use a nail file to buff away any excess decal. Just file back and forth a few times and the loose bits should come away easily. You can finish it all off with a final layer of topcoat to help your artwork last longer!





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