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"Bobbi Brown is the namesake brand founded in 1992 which aims to help women to embrace their natural beauty, rather than hide behind it, with premium makeup.

The Bobbi Brown brand is synonymous with inclusivity. When it first launched, it did so with a range of foundation sticks that came in ten different shades, widening the pool of women that makeup was made for at the time. In 2021, these foundation sticks are a cult classic Bobbi Brown product. Gracing the makeup bags of millions of women worldwide, the Skin Foundation Stick is infused with buttery nurturing agents such as olive extracts and shea butter that look after the skin rather than drying it out.

In a world that is becoming increasingly obsessed with following the crowd in terms of which makeup trends to follow and recreate in our daily lives, Bobbi Brown has manufactured a range of products that urge us to stand out from the crowd. To her, makeup has no rules, and with products such as the Highlighting Powder, it is free to help both men and women express themselves.

LOOKFANTASTIC are official stockists of the Bobbi Brown brand."

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