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Based on honest science, Eucerin is the dermatologist-recommended skin care brand that specialise in face, body and hair care products. The hypersensitive skin range has been specifically designed for those who are more susceptible to irritants. With a unique formula, the hypersensitive skin care range contains a unique ingredient known as SymSitive. This sensitive regulator provides immediate relief and instantly calms and soothes the skin.

To manage all three symptoms associated with sensitive skin such as a comprised skin barrier, hyper-reactive sensory fibres in the top layer of the skin and reddened skin, Eucerin have developed this unique formula. These can be found in both the Anti-Redness and Ultra-Sensitive hypersensitive skin ranges.

Eucerin AntiREDNESS Range

The Anti-Redness line of products all contain Licorice Extract which is a natural anti-inflammatory and is perfect for extra soothing and calming your skin when it’s needed most. The Licorice Extract works effectively at reducing redness due to its natural anti-oxidant qualities.

The Anti-Redness Soothing Care can be used as both a day and night cream, providing a long-lasting calming effect all day long. The concealing eye cream in the Anti-Redness range also calms irritation and is best applied after cleansing the skin.

Eucerin UltraSENSITIVE Range

For skin that feels unpleasant with burning, stinging or itchiness but doesn’t have any visible signs of redness, then the Ultra-Sensitive Skin care range is the perfect choice. The Soothing Care Dry Skin works brilliantly as a day to night cream; soothing dry and sensitive skin and leaving it moisturised all day long. The cleansing lotion in the Ultra-Sensitive range gently cleanses, removes make-up and leaves your skin feeling hydrated, refreshed and with reduced irritation.

All of the ingredients in the hypersensitive range are pure, free-of formula and contain a limited number of ingredients; essential for providing instant and effective relief.

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