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Alterna Conditioners ensure that hair is left in a beautiful, healthy condition with manageability like you've never experienced.
Alterna Hemp gives you products designed with natural ingredients to strengthen and boost the health of your with intense formulas; with supplements of rich nutrients that prevent damage from occurring.
Alterna Life is a line of products that infuse a refreshing and decadent blend of ingredients into your hair, boosting the overall strength and nourishment of your hair for complete hair care.
Alterna Ten provides you with an innovative and scientific blend of ten key ingredients that work intensely to transform your hair.
Alterna Shampoo uses revolutionary ingredients to give you a daily dose of luxury and professional results. Washing out impurities and leaving your hair healthy and refreshed.
Alterna Styling gives you true definition, allowing you to mould and sculpt your style for long lasting and natural results.
Alterna Caviar provides a luxury feel to your anti-ageing Haircare regime; addressing long term damage for a youthful and refreshed salon worthy finish.
Alterna Luxury works with the luxurious White Truffle Extract, infusing an intense blend of Vitamin B into your hair, enhancing shine and vitality with every wash.
Alterna Bamboo Smooth uses luxury, rare ingredients to increase hairs strength whilst boosting lustre and shine to let your beautiful be unleashed.