Find out about the causes of thinning hair

Find out about the causes of thinning hair with Nioxin

Thinning hair affects men and women of all ages. The cause is often genetic, and can also be triggered by certain life stages. Hair cells reproduce at a faster rate than any other in our bodies, so they are also sensitive to changes in our health or environment. Addressing thinning begins with understanding what causes and contributes to it, and the early warning signs to look out for.
Find our more about the early signs to look out for and ways to help you address it. Discover how each step in your NIOXIN 3-Part System works to give you thicker-looking hair, and learn about the patented technologies behind each one.

Learn more about thicker, fuller, denser-looking hair

Nioxin began in 1987, when the founded Eva Graham began to investigate the idea of treating the scalp with skincare methods. Nioxin is a specially developed hair care system to stimulate the hair follicle and improve thickness and hair growth using advanced technologies to deliver thicker, fuller denser- looking hair. Losing your hair or experiencing thinning hair can be a scary and emotional time, but with Nioxin you know not only is your hair being looked after, so is your scalp.