385 PowerLight! The next generation hairdryer!

Vast research conducted by Parlux designers resulted in the creation of a new professional appliance: Parlux 385 PowerLight Wattage:2150 / Airflow:79m3/h DURABILITY / POWER: Features the new K-LAMINATION® motor by Italian manufacturer Ciaramella, which is more durable & powerful. LIGHTNESS: By reducing the weight of all components an exceptionally light hairdryer was created. Only 452g. IONIC & CERAMIC: Essential for healthy, static-free hair. 6 COLOURS: Black, Hot Pink, Neon Orange, White, Purple, & Red. ESTABLISHED FEATURES: Low noise (with an in-built silencer), balance & manageability. Like other models, the 385 is the ideal size for hairdressers: 18.5cm. ECO-FRIENDLY: The hairdryer & its packaging are made with recyclable materials. ACCESSORIES: 385 Diffuser is specially designed for the hairdryer. Also the Parlux Melody Silencer is perfectly compatible. LOWER CONSUMPTION: Incredibly powerful that hair can be dried & set in a very short time, reducing electricity consumption.

PARLUX – There is no alternative

Parlux satisfies the most demanding needs by offering a wide range of professional tools designed to fulfil the specific requirements of high performance, high quality and reliability. Probably the most professional hairdryers in the world. A compulsory characteristic of Parlux is QUALITY. The important feature right from the design stage and applied to every single component to provide: Durability, efficiency, balance, manageable, Light-weight and consistency.