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Taking you to places you've never been before, the Urban Decay range at Lookfantastic provides you with bold and innovative cosmetics to change up your style.
Urban Decay Face gives you the perfect canvas for the rest of your make-up, from setting sprays to concealers and foundations that provide an even coverage for flawless results every day.
Urban Decay Lips are bursting with innovative formulas and products. From lip glosses with naked men on them to lip pencils that really outline your style. You'll be able to pull off the perfect pout with this collection.
Urban Decay Body offers your body a pampering and beautiful finish with products that add shine and glamour to your overall look.
Urban Decay Primer Potions stir up the magic by creating a flawless base for your make up.
Urban Decay Eyes allow you to open up your eyes to world of new and stunning looks to beautify your eyes.
Urban Decay Brushes give you the control and precision that make-up artists expect from their tools.