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Find your perfect match with the Shampoos range from Lookfantastic. Offering you products formulated to target specific problems.
Dandruff & Itchy Scalp

Anti-Dandruff shampoos eradicate unsightly dandruff flakes whilst soothing your scalp to reduce irritation.

Blonde Hair

Keep your Blonde Hair looking shiny and healthy with these shampoos specifically designed for blonde locks; diminishing brassiness to reveal your golden locks.

Coloured Hair

Coloured Hair shampoos keep your hair colour vibrant for salon worthy results; cleaning away excess impurities that cause dullness to leave hair shiny and renewed.

Damaged Hair

Treat your Damaged Hair with these shampoos specifically designed to nourish and restore your hair back to full health. Healing split ends and smoothing out frizz caused by heat or chemical damage.

Dry Hair

Dry Hair shampoos provide your hair with much needed hydration to boost energy back into your hair. Repairing damage whilst nourishing from root to tip for all over healthy hair.

Fine Hair

For Fine Hair use these specially developed shampoos to add volume, body and thickness to your hair, transforming limp locks into a full head to be proud of.

Highlighted Hair

Brighten up your Highlighted Hair with these shampoos that instantly invite the light back into your hair. With cleansing and revitalizing formulas to give you salon worthy results with every wash.

Oily Hair

Oily Hair needs a thorough cleanse and with these shampoos you can remove excess oil and impurities whilst preventing future build up by soothing your scalp.

Dry Shampoo also helps aid with oil roots and means you don't have to wash your hair everyday. Take a look at our range of dry shampoos here.

Red Hair

Keep your Red Hair looking vibrant, rich and warm with these shampoos specifically developed for fiery locks. Brightening and enhancing the red tones of your hair whether your hair is naturally red or coloured.

Sun & Water Care

Look after your hair wherever you are in the world with the Sun & Water Care shampoos range. Designed to rehydrate and replenish hair whilst flushing out chemicals picked up in the water.

All Hair Types

Shampoos designed for All Hair Types offer up formulas that work on every hair problem out there. So if you can't decide what hair type you are, this selection won't lead you in the wrong direction.

Afro Hair

Keep your Afro Hair looking strong and shiny with these shampoos designed specifically for those with Afro hair.

Brunette Hair

Boost vibrancy and keep your Brown Hair from going dull and limp with these shampoos designed with formulas for brunettes out there.

Curly & Wavy Hair

Bring your Curly & Wavy Hair to life with hair that's full of bounce and volume using these shampoos designed to enhance your ringlets and waves.

Deep Cleansing

Deep Cleansing shampoos really work into your hair for a thorough clean of your locks. From root to tip these shampoos remove oils and impurities to really unleash the beauty of your hair.

Dry Shampoo

Dry Shampoo is the hero for in-between washes, ideal for all hair types these refreshing sprays are perfect to revamp and freshen up your hair at any moment.

Frizzy Hair

Frizzy Hair needs extra care with formulas that tame frizz and ensure hair is manageable to give you smooth, tamed hair.

Mature Hair

Give your Mature hair a new lease of life with this anti-aging collection of shampoos perfect for hair that has been your partner in crime over the years. Boosting protein and keratin levels to instantly leave have full of life and vitality.

Organic & Natural

Organic & Natural shampoos keep your hair care green with formulas made from natural and organically rich sources.

Sensitive Scalp

Keep it gentle with the Sensitive Scalp shampoo range, caring for scalps that react more so to ingredients than others; reducing irritation and itchiness to keep your mind at ease.

Thinning & Hair Loss

For those who need an added boost, Thinning & Hair Loss shampoos prevent hair loss and encourage the growth of hair to give you a fuller and youthful finish.