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The #LFBESTOFBRITISH Beauty Box in Numbers

The #LFBESTOFBRITISH Beauty Box in Numbers

You’ve heard about the inspiration, you’ve watched the celebration, but have you ever wondered what goes into making a Beauty Box? We’re putting this month’s Beauty Box into numbers; all the work that has gone into making it from start to finish as well as all your contributions.


In order for this month’s Beauty Box to land on your doorstep, this is all of the work that has gone on behind the scenes:

  • Over 200,000 products used to fill our boxes for you
  • 9 unique articles written for the August Beauty Box Magazine
  • Over 5 months to complete the Box from first ideas to final box
  • Over 600 people talking about the Box on Twitter
  • 5 different lipsticks and blushes smashed up to make the Union Jack design

Best of British #LFBEAUTYBOX

  • Over 100 bloggers coming to celebrate with us at The Ivy in Covent Garden
  • 8 different teams involved, from packers at the warehouse to the marketing team at HQ
  • 20 different brands involved in August’s box, from the products inside to those featured in the magazine
  • Over 1700 5 star reviews on site
  • 2 months preparation for the #LFBESTOFBRITISH Event

A lot of work makes a Beauty Box and we so hope that you love it.



Beauty Box Specialist

Three words to describe me? Clumsy, Creative & Spontaneous. This sums up my beauty style too; I am always looking to try something new! I’ll always be the one with bold manicures (although I usually prefer someone else to paint them thanks to the clumsiness!). I love searching for the best and newest products to include in the Lookfantastic Beauty Box.