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The Best Sun Protection For Hair

The Best Sun Protection For Hair

While the sun can give you gorgeously sun-kissed highlights, bronzed skin and an overall healthier glow, it can actually cause serious damage to your hair. While you may not see the physical effects straightaway, the deeper damage can cause your hair to become dry, faded, dull and limp. Not exactly the look you want to go for when you come back from sunbathed islands!

To help you protect your hair and keep it looking radiant and bright, we have some great tips on how to keep it looking gorgeous all the way through your holiday and on your return, and have selected our top 5 products for sun protection for hair.

Top 5 Tips To Keep Your Hair Protected In The Sun

  1. Wear a hat! The sun is at its strongest between 12 and 3pm so wearing a hat during these hours will help keep it protected from the most damaging UV rays. The Rag and Bone Peach Fedora from Coggles is a lovely Summer colour and will ensure you look super trendy on the beach!
  2. If you have a shower facility by the pool or beachside, use it! Wet hair absorbs much less Chlorine than dry hair, so if you go into the water with fully drenched locks, they will come out healthier. Similarly, make sure you rinse out the Chlorine and Salt if you can once you get out.
  3. Cut down on your styling tools in the sunshine. Your hair has already been subjected to heat, UV, Chlorine and Salt, so where possible, use as little heat as possible when it comes to styling your hair. Leaving it to air dry would be the best option, but if your hair (like mine!) goes flat when you leave it to dry, then use the cooler temperature on your hairdryer to avoid damaging it further. Bumble and Bumble’s Don’t Blow It is perfect for working into towel-dried hair without drying it as it gives the hair lift and volume without heat.
  4. Trim your hair. Before you go on holiday, make sure you get your ends trimmed to help your hair grow and become healthier. By chopping off those dry and split ends, your hair will absorb far more nutrients from your products and be a lot healthier and stronger when it comes to facing the sun and environmental stresses.
  5. Drink lots of water! This might sound simple, but often on holiday we can be tempted by fruit spritzes and mimosas, which don’t do our hair, bodies or skin any good. Make sure to drink plenty of water to hydrate your locks and keep them well moisturised.

Top 5 Products To Protect Your Hair In The Sun

Keep your hair looking its best with our top picks of Summer products.

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    Paul Mitchell Color Repair Bundle

    If you don’t already, make sure you wash your hair before a day on the beach or by the pool. Your hair may still look fabulous from the night before, but cleansing before getting some sunshine isn’t about how your hair looks. The Paul Mitchell Color Repair Bundle actually contains UV protection to keep your hair from getting damaged from the harmful rays of the sun. The unique Quinoa Color Repair Complex contains a host of antioxidants and vitamins to keep your hair protected and looking bright.

    If you have highlighted or coloured hair, it is absolutely essential to protect your hair from UV damage, as the rays can adjust your colour and cause it to become faded.

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    Aveda After Sun Hair and Body Cleanser

    When you get back from the a day in the sun and pool, your hair can feel dry and quite straw-like. This is due to the high concentration of Salt and Chlorine in the water and sea air; drawing out the moisture and hydration from your hair. Making sure to rinse these residual elements from your hair will leave it looking soft, shiny and manageable. We love the Aveda After Sun Hair Cleanser, which can also be used on your body – perfect for travelling light! It contains a base of Green Tea, Organic Sunflower and Coconut Oils, as well as Vitamin E to remove Chlorine and Salt without irritating your hair or scalp.

    The best part? It smells so deliciously tropical, we want to continue using it when we return from holiday!

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    Alterna Bamboo Beach Sun Recovery Spray

    Following washing your hair with the Aveda After Sun Cleanser, make sure to use a deeper but lightweight conditioning treatment to lock in moisture and keep your hair hydrated. The sun can really dry out your hair, so using a treatment as well as a conditioner will leave it in great condition. The Alterna Bamboo Beach Sun Recovery Spray contains Bamboo, which helps to increase vibrancy and shine, while reversing the damaging effects of Salt and Chlorine.

    We love to spritz this onto towel-dried hair and comb all the way through so it coats all the fibres.

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    Philip Kingsley Citrus Sunshine Swimcap

    If you have highlighted or coloured hair, then using a treatment during your time in the sun is absolutely essential to keep it from fading. Philip Kingsley has released a limited edition product to keep your hair from being affected by Chlorine and Salt Water. The Citrus Sunshine Swimcap contains UV protection and coats the hair to shield it from environmental damage and prevent it from breaking.

    As its super lightweight, the cream is suitable for all hair types. Even if your hair isn’t highlighted or coloured, it’s a great addition to your haircare routine as it will prevent damage from the pool and sea.

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    Phyto Phytoplage Original Sun Oil

    If you are looking for a natural alternative to UV hair protection, then this Phytoplage Original Sun Oil will do the trick perfectly. Formulated without silicones or parabens, it has a natural UV filter to maintain your colour vibrancy and shine. It also leaves a transparent finish on the hair so that your locks can still look lovely while they’re being protected!

    Spritz this throughout your hair before going into the sunshine, and throughout the day when you feel your hair needs an extra boost of protection.

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