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7 probiotic skincare products that give you a glowing complexion

7 probiotic skincare products that give you a glowing complexion
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Probiotic skincare has taken a seriosuly popular turn recently. With an emphasis on well-being and health for 2018, it's little wonder why. Probiotics are considered one of the best supplements you can take for your inner health, so the question of what they could do for your skin was always going to be asked.

Beauty brands have been jumping on the probiotic skincare trend, with some having championned it for years already. Either way, the new wave of products coming to market are super exciting and do wonders for the health of your skin.

What is probiotic skincare?

If you don't like the thought of eating lots of live yoghurt and kefir, you'll need to start thinking about investing in probiotic skincare.

Your skin is naturally covered in good bacteria, which helps to keep it healthy, free from redness and irritation, and glowing. Enriched with this same healthy bacteria, probiotic skincare helps to protect the very outer layer of your skin, keeping it radiant and clear.

Probiotic skincare works in a very similar way to its digestible versions. Probiotics that you take orally help to calm and soothe digestive issues and flare-ups, which is exactly what the topical ones do. If you have irritation issues like acne, redness or eczema, probiotics can really help to nurture and repair.

Are probiotics for me?

  • I have sensitive skin - As probiotics help to keep the healthy bacteria on the surface of your skin replenished, they aid in cellular repair and protection; keeping out the nasties and keeping redness at bay.
  • I am acne-prone - The thought of putting bacteria on blemish-prone skin might sound counter-intuitive, but it's actually one of the best things you can do. By feeding the good bacteria and cutting off the bad, blemishes reduce in size and swelling.
  • I live in the city - Although not a skin type, pollution is one of the most common skin-issue causes. Responsible for things like redness and acne, it's seriously damaging and causes accelerated ageing. Probiotics calm the natural triggers in your skin, which will reduce flare-ups when skin is faced with smog.

An edit of the best probiotic skincare

No matter what your skin type or concern, probiotic skincare is suitable for everyone. These are 7 of our favourite products, which always make an appearance in our skincare routine at some point.

1. Zelens Z Balance Prebiotic and Probiotic Facial Mist

If you don't want to switch up your regular cleanser and moisturiser, you can try adding in a probiotic mist. Not only is this one from Zelens enriched with probiotic technology, it contains sugar molecules, amino acids and shiso leaf extracts to keep the skin protected against pollution and environmental damage.

For those of you with sensitive or combination skin, the mist is free from both oil and soap, making it suitable for the most troubled of complexions.

2. Elizabeth Arden Superstart Probiotic Bio Cellulose Mask

We can't get enough of the sheet mask trend at the moment, so we couldn't resist trying the new Elizabeth Arden Superstart Probiotic Mask when it landed on our desks. It contains super cooling coconut water and hyaluronic acid to flush the skin with moisture, while probiotics work to keep the skin glowing and protected.

If you love Elizabeth Arden, you will also love their new Probiotic Whip to Clay Cleanser, which also contains a blend of clays to draw impurities out of the skin.

3. Vichy Slow Âge Day Cream

Vichy is a skincare brand you can always count on to deliver the goods. A cult brand in France, they are one of the leading dermatological brands, encapsulating their thermal spring water into each and every product.

The Vichy Slow Âge Day Cream is infused with probiotics and antioxidants to keep the skin protected against environmental aggressors, whilst also keeping it soft and supple.

4. Aurelia Revitalise & Glow Serum

We love everything from Aurelia, but this serum is perhaps our favourite. The brand's whole line of products is infused with probiotics, all of which contribute to super healthy and radiant skin. In addition, they contain no nasties or chemicals, making them especially great for sensitive skin.

The Revitalise & Glow Serum is ideal for the mornings when you struggle to wake up and have no energy. It immediately brings like and luminosity to dulling complexions thanks to its blend of antioxidants, probiotics, omegas, vitamins and natural botanicals.

5. Gatineau Probiotics Essential Eye Corrector

The skin around your eyes is one of the thinnest and most delicate, and so shows the signs of ageing faster than anywhere else on your body. It therefore needs the best level of protection possible to keep it healthy and youthful.

The Gatineau Melatogenine AOX Probiotics Essential Eye Corrector helps to banish dark circles from sight thanks to its blend of light reflecting pigments. Unique marine collagen also work to keep the skin firm and youthful-looking for all-round eye care.

6. Sarah Chapman Ultra Recovery Booster

Loved by Victoria Beckham, Sarah Chapman is one of the best-known facialists to the stars. Her amazing formulations and hard-working products keep the skin clear and free from blemishes, as well as smoothing out uneven skin tone and reducing pigmentation.

The Ultra Recovery Booster is undoubtedly one of our favourite probiotic skincare products we have tried. Not only does it help to preserve the skin's microbiological balance, it reduces inflammation and helps skin repair itself after peels or microdermabrasion.

7. Perricone MD Digestion Aid Capsules

Although not technically a skincare product, whenever our bodies are functionning at their optimal level, so is our skin. We love the new Perricone MD Digestion Aid Capsules, which not only help to keep the bloat at bay, but also work to break down hard-to-digest foods for easier vitamin and mineral absorbption.

Free from gluten, artificial colours and preservatives, as well as being suitable for vegetarians, they're our new favourite supplement.

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