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The Best Masks to Help Repair Damaged Hair

The Best Masks to Help Repair Damaged Hair

When your hair is in need of some TLC, hair masks are your secret weapon.

The colder weather from the winter months can wreak havoc on your delicate locks, causing them to become dehydrated, dry and dull, so adding in a weekly treatment will help to prevent this.

We’re rounding up the best hair masks for damaged hair and sharing how they can help revitalise your hair.

How do you Know if your Hair is Damaged?

If you use heat stylers, have coloured hair or have spent too much time outside cold weather this winter, then you might have hair that needs a little extra care; all of these everyday things can cause damage to your locks.

There are a few signs that are simple to spot: you may notice that your hair becomes easily tangled after cleansing, has lost its shine and feels dry. In more extreme cases, it might be brittle and show signs like split ends or breakages.

Whilst a hair cut is the only way to actually remove split ends, the right treatment from the right hair masks can go a long way to help repair and revitalise damaged locks.

How Can a Hair Mask Repair Damaged Hair?

Hair masks are intensive treatments that work a little harder than your regular conditioner. They penetrate the hair cuticle, and their active ingredients get deeper into the hair follicle than a conditioner can, meaning they’re an important part of your weekly haircare routine.

Hair masks are usually formulated with a blend of key ingredients that are all targeted at helping to strengthen, protect and repair your hair.

  • Proteins like Keratin, Silk and Wheat Proteins help to reinforce the hair cuticle, strengthening the hair again
  • Oils like Argan, Sunflower and Jojoba add moisture back into the hair follicle, making it more supple and flexible.

For thicker or curlier hair, which usually really need moisture, look for more oil based formulas to help with hair elasticity. If you have fine hair, then look for protein rich formulas to reinforce without weighing down your hair.

The 10 Best Masks for Damaged Hair

This intense treatment mask is a cult classic for good reason. Specifically designed to help care for over processed hair, it uses ingredients like Elastin, and Castor Oil to nourish and soften damaged locks.

This rich mask from Phyto contains Macademia Oil that works to repair weak and porous follicles leaving your hair looking healthier and feeling stronger.

SHOW Beauty are known for their luxurious haircare products and this mask is no exception. Packed with plant proteins and Pro Vitamins B5, as well as premium ingredients like Caviar and White Truffle, it will help protect and revitalise your hair.

This rich mask from Moroccanoil uses the Moroccan Argan Oil as well as Shea Butter and oil from a Brazilian fruit called the Pequi fruit to create a nourishing, restorative treatment for your locks.

This innovative mask not only used ingredients like Argan Oil and Soy Protein to help repair your hair, it also self heats to aid their absorption. With individual sachets, the mask will heat up as soon as it is exposed to air, leaving you with a salon-like treatment experience.

This mask is a brilliant choice for hair that is damaged from hair colour or processes like permanent straightening. Packed with Prickly Pear Seed Oil and Fatty Acids, it will restore vitality and vibrancy back into your hair in no time.

System Professional's Repair Mask is a deeply nourishing treatment that works to restore severely dehydrated locks. It contains a blend of active ingredients that work to repair dry ends and protect hair against future damage.

The beautiful golden cream is an icon in the haircare world. Not only does this hair mask contain the same fragrance as its cult oil sister, but its lightweight texture mean its suitable for all hair types in the fight against damage and dehydration.

Shu Uemura's Ultimate Remedy Hair Masque is a luxurious and rich treatment to add into your haircare routine; making it ideal for hair types who are curlier and thicker. The treatment works deep into the cuticle to repair damage both on and below the surface for healthier and happier hair over time.

René Furtere are a Parisian brand that offer amazing haircare formulations. This mask contains Biocymentine, a soya extract that adds intense moisture back into the hair shaft. In addition, plant Keratin and Camelina Oil help reinforce the hair for shiny, smooth and manageable hair.



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