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5 steps to ultra-glossy glass hair

5 steps to ultra-glossy glass hair
Tara Stevenson-Smith
Writer and expert1 month ago
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From TikTok tutorials to YouTube round-ups, glossy-looking, ‘glass’ hair is the trend on everybody’s lips. Just one glance at the beauty gurus and celebrities walking the red carpet shows how sleek, glazed-looking locks are the aspirational beauty goal we’re all working towards this year.

Achieving this trend from the comfort of your home can seem a challenge – but not if you know exactly where to look (and the right questions to ask!). We sat down with Jimmy Green, education manager at Redken and Pureology to reveal the best steps to perfecting ultra-glossy glass locks at home.

What is the Glass Hair trend?

We may be seeing this ultra-glossy hair trend all over social media – but what actually is ‘glass hair’?

“Glass hair is an ultra-sleek and polished hairstyle with a high-gloss, mirror-like shine finish,” explains Jimmy. “This trend is all about achieving hair that appears smooth, luminous, and impeccably shiny, much like the reflective surface of glass.”

Step 1: Commit to a simple routine

The first step to achieving show-stopping shine? Create the perfect routine!

Jimmy says: Always use a shampoo, conditioner, and a leave-in treatment – it is super important that when you wash your hair, you use both a shampoo and conditioner.”

“Our shampoo is designed to remove any dirt and debris, and the conditioner is designed to seal the cuticles to help lock in all of the goodness and conditioning ingredients. Remember – less is more! Add small amounts and if you feel the hair needs more, than add accordingly.”

Step 2: Use your products correctly

Though you may own all the glossy hair essentials in the business, it’s important to understand how to give duller strands that shine-boosting makeover, if you really want to transform your tresses. The best way we’ve learnt?

“Use your products correctly!” says Jimmy. “When shampooing the hair, you need to apply the product to the scalp. However, when you are conditioning the hair, apply from the ends of the hair and work towards the roots.”

“If you overload the roots with conditioner, it will make hair greasy and flat. When using a Leave-In Treatment, apply to the mid lengths and ends verses the roots. This will ensure you get the best protection.”

Step 3: Prioritise hydrating treatments

The third step to achieving ultra-glossy glass hair is to nourish your locks through and through.

“[Use] a regular treatment on the hair – a treatment that has the ability to work deeper into the hair, bringing more conditioning properties,” Jimmy affirms.

However, be careful not to overdo it either! Using a hydrating treatment once a week should be just enough to achieve that blinding, glass-like shine you’re after.

Step 4: Protection is perfection!

A reliable heat protectant is probably the most crucial step in any haircare routine – especially to help keep your tresses looking silky and healthy.

Jimmy assures us: “Always use heat protection. Whenever you are doing any heat styling to the hair, it is essential that we protect it. Heat protection can come in many forms. Liquid and spray formats, or even a cream. There is a product that is available for all hair types, textures and densities.”, Jimmy recommends.

Step 5: Keep your trims regular

And finally? Get ready to wave goodbye to split ends and lock your gloss in place with frequent trips to the salon.

 “Whilst most people will not want to hear this... having a regular haircut will ensure that your hair is in the best condition,” Jimmy reveals. “We would recommend about every 8 weeks. This is particularly important if you are growing your hair!”

Is glass hair achievable on all hair types?

Although the glass hair trend can be achieved on all hair types, Jimmy reminds us that it isn’t one-size-fits-all. “Different hair types have different needs,” he shares. “Therefore, on thicker or coarser hair, or curly and coily hair, you may need to add additional nourishing products. This can be achieved through creams and oils."

Jimmy top suggestion for increasing shine in coils and curls? “[Redken Acidic Color Gloss] is going to help set the foundations of shiny hair!”

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Writer and expert
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