Dry & Damaged Hair Treatments

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When it comes to dry hair, you’ve probably tried every haircare product under the sun. But your quest for the perfect dry hair regimen ends here. Because with our wide selection of shampoos, hair masks, leave-in treatments and conditioners for dry hair, your thirsty tresses will be restored to their former glory.

If your hair is dry, try to wash it less often. And when washing, always use a conditioner for dry hair. Treat your tresses to a leave-in treatment or hair mask 2–3 times a week if your hair is particularly dry and coarse. This will help to seal split ends, restore moisture and leave strands feeling silky smooth.

Dry haircare treatments work hard to infuse moisture, hydration and nourishment into your locks. Quench your hair’s thirst with a diverse selection of Dry Hair Treatments across this all-star collection. You’ll find ultra-nourishing ingredients – such as shea butter, argan oil and coconut oil – that work to deeply hydrate, condition and repair dry hair.

Discover our range of shampoos for dry hair, plus a whole host of other rejuvenating haircare products from Garnier, Living Proof, Giovanni and more at LOOKFANTASTIC.

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