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Couture Styling by Kérastase

The Art of Perfect Hair since 1964, nearly 50 years after its creation, this hair care brand has unveiled its new collection of glamorous and innovative hair styling products for women who want it all. Designed to provide fusional hold and absolute freedom of movement, the Couture Styling collection allows you to assert your styling individualism, through both natural and sophisticated hairstyles that boast perfect finishes.

The brand is led by the master of customised hairstyles, Luigi Merenu. This hairstylist perceives styling as an extension of the woman herself, rather than an accessory to an outfit. Luigi's hairstyling talents and innovative technology come together with a personalised approach, making for the perfect products to create beautiful hairstyles.

The Couture Styling range includes the Styling Gloss Appeal, a lightweight formula that's enriched with xylose and master shine silicone to leave your locks with a seriously sleek, glossy shine. There's also the Styling Laque Couture range, the perfect finishing touch to any style, delivering frizz and flyaway control whilst providing resilient and flexible hold all day.

Explore this stunning range of shampoos, conditioners, hair oils, treatments and styling products.

Kérastase UK

For almost 50 years, we have pursued a unique mission: turning hair into the most precious beauty asset of a woman. At the forefront of the Haircare industry, our luxurious in-salon rituals & bespoke hair spa experiences make us the undisputable leader in professional luxury hair beauty. The brand meets the needs of women who want to feel good about themselves in both mind and body, to the very tips of their hair. Women who love to pamper themselves and who love the pleasure it brings them, so they want to transform their beauty care time into an experience that truly delights the senses. They listen to their hairdressers personalized advice, advice that enables them to enhance their own individuality. For these women conscious of their image and aware that it reflects both their inner and outer well-being, beautiful hair is truly their signature style.