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Do it like a professional with the right Tools & Accessories from Lookfantastic. Giving you the power to make your DIY manicure an easy process whilst enabling you to learn the tricks of the trade.
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Buffers smooth and scrub away dirt, impurities and excess skin to leave you with a blank canvas for nail polish application. Giving you a sleek and shiny, buffed and polish finish only achieved with these tools.
The Cuticles banishes ragged, rough and untidy nails from your hands with expert tools that target the problem areas with precision and balance.
The Kits in this collection provide you with specially selected tools brought together to give you that perfect set of ten.
Nail Files are great for buffing away bumps and shaping your nails to perfection. Great for touch ups on the go, these nail files are the all-round winner for neat and tidy nails.
Clippers are a nail tool essential, providing you with a clean cut method of removing snags to ensure nails look tidy. In all different sizes, these clippers are made for their job, from big problems to little blunders; you'll be able to manage them with ease.
Foot Files keep your feet neat by buffing away excess skin for a softer, smoother and more comfortable feel for your two hard workers.
Nail Brushes clean and exfoliate your nails to leave them soft and cuticles supple. The perfect preparation tool before you immerse yourself in a DIY manicure.
Scissors work on a similar level to clippers but provide more flexibility, reaching around curves to allow for tidying up to be an easy chore.