Sun Protection for Hair & Scalp

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Did you know, it's not just your skin which needs protecting from the sun? With the products in this leading range, you can provide sun care for your hair, regardless of your hair type or condition. Choose from an unrivalled selection of hair protectors, hair masks, oils, shampoos and sprays. Provide nourishment from the root to the tip, and give your hair the strength to stand up better to sun exposure on a daily basis.

Are you a sun worshiper? A sunbathe can be a relaxing, calming and rejuvenating experience, but just like your skin, your hair can benefit from being cared for after exposure. In this collection, you can find a plethora of solutions with advanced formulas designed to improve your hair health after you have been exposed to the sun. Whether you are looking for a regular shampoo or one-off treatment, this is the place to find the best hair sun care items.

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