Men's Face Wash & Face Cleanser

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A true staple in any skincare regimen, our men’s cleansers gently lift oils and dirt from deep within your pores, while hydrating and nourishing your skin. You’ll find them specially formulated for all skin types – whether you have oily, combination, normal, dry or acne-prone skin.

A men’s face wash lays the foundation for the rest of your routine, so you can apply your favourite moisturisers and serums onto clean skin – for maximum results. You should use a cleanser first thing in the morning to remove the oils that have accumulated on your skin overnight. Then again in the evening before bed to cleanse away the day’s product build-up and dirt.

Deciding which cleanser is best depends completely on your skin type. If you have dry skin, look out for cleansers formulated with any of these hydrating ingredients: hyaluronic acid, squalane or ceramides, to replenish your skin’s moisture barrier. We love the Clinique for Men Face Wash. Oily and combination skin types will need something that helps to regulate oil production. Clay cleansers work well for this, like the Lab Series Skincare for Men Oil Control Clay Cleanser and Mask.

For acne and blemish-prone skin, salicylic acid and glycolic acid cleansers should be your go-to. These exfoliating acids unclog pores and remove dead cells from the surface of your skin. Try the Jack Black Deep Dive Glycolic Facial Cleanser or Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions Clarifying Lotion.

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