WeDo About the Brand

WEDO/ PROFESSIONAL is an eco-ethical haircare brand that is on a mission to help people transitionto a happier, healthier,and more sustainablelifestyle. weDo/ offers a range of veganand cruelty-freeproducts with packaging made from recycled material and which is100% recyclable.

Created by a small group of individuals within the Wella Company who share a common passion for sustainability and are striving for a positive change.Co-developed with the scientists of professional haircare labs and in collaboration with hairdressers, each product has been designed with professional performancein mind, and with a minimalist approach,keeping only what’s necessary to deliver the benefits.

Beyond the idea of “natural,” the team at weDo/ want the brand to be as responsible and holistic as possible. We strive to achieve this by not only looking at composition and quality of ingredients, but also by looking at the sustainability of the packaging, animal welfare, and overall human impact: resulting in a brand that is truly eco-ethical.


weDo/ Professional believe that by acting together, we will make a difference. That's why we have partnered with Plastic Bank... and you, to help fight ocean plastic while alleviating poverty.

For every 1 weDo/ product purchased, 8 plastic bottles are collected from the environment and from our oceans. Since the partnership began weDo/ and Plastic Bank have collected almost 9 million plastic bottles and will continue to do so helping us to live in a happier, clearer world. Help us in our aim to collect 1 Million bottles and remove the rubbish from our environment!