Umberto Giannini Curl Jelly Scrunching Jelly 200ml

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Color Wow Pop & Lock High Gloss Finish 55ml

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Sebastian Professional Potion 9 Hair Styling Treatment 150ml

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Hairburst Heatless Curler and Elixir Set

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Tigi Bed Head Wax Stick (75g)

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Heatless Curlers

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Dreaming of voluminous curls without the heat damage? Look no further than our range of heatless curlers. From tousled waves to a bouncy blowout, these ingenious designs will take your strands from limp to full of life – no heat necessary. They're a time-saving solution to styling your hair too. With most heatless curlers needing to be left in overnight, you can wake from your slumber with perfectly curled locks.

You might've heard of dressing gown tie curls, well the SILKE London Heatless Curler is the next best thing. It uses the same concept as the dressing gown method, but instead of wrapping your hair around fabric that can cause frizz and breakages, this super-soft silk rod helps keep your hair looking smooth while protecting it from breakages.

If you prefer to switch up your look from beachy waves to full-bodied curls, the Kitsch Satin Wrapped Flexi Rods are for you. A set of flexible hair rods, you can create a range of different curl and wave patterns depending on the look you want. Shorter hair types might find these easier to work with too!

The best time of day to put in heatless curlers is at night. Start with slightly damp hair, then place the rod over your head. Grab a section at a time twisting your hair around the rod, away from your face. Repeat until all your hair is secured around the rod, then secure the ends with silk hair ties. Go to sleep in them for the best results, then unwrap them in the morning to reveal enviably bouncy curls.
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