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Your guide to the Cantu Protective Styles collection

Your guide to the Cantu Protective Styles collection
Tara Stevenson-Smith
Writer and expert2 months ago
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Are you a curly hair girl looking to get the most out of your protective styles? Well, you’ve found yourself in exactly the right place! We reached out to the experts at Cantu to discuss all things curls and coils, so you can find the perfect styling aid to suit your strands, whatever your curl type or pattern!

Which Protective Styles product should I use for my hairstyle?

Protecting your tresses is an important step to maintaining healthy-looking locks and developing a styling routine with that in mind is key. We spoke to Angela Stevens, haircare expert at Cantu, to learn more about the Protective Styles range and the best ways to use the products.

“This collection is about extending the life of all styles and offering products that the whole family can use. The collection deep cleanses the scalp and extensions/wigs, it hydrates and detangles curls, it helps to restyle the hair on a daily basis and keep the hair as healthy as possible when wearing braided styles, extensions, and locs," Angela shares.

Cantu’s Protective Styles by Angela

Treat your tresses to some much-needed TLC as Angela shares her top tips and gives us the inside scoop of each, individual haircare product from the NEW range…

Best for cleansing your curls

It is important to remove build-up from wigs, weaves and braids in order to maintain healthy-looking locks, Angela recommends the , as it “ Deep cleans the scalp when taking down braids and extensions.” This 3-in-1 formula is formulated with apple cider vinegar which helps to remove product build-up and impurities for fresh, healthy-looking tresses.

Angela recommends the Hair Bath and Cleanser, as it 'deep cleans the scalp when taking down braids and extensions.” This 3-in-1 formula is formulated with apple cider vinegar which helps to remove product build-up and impurities for fresh, healthy-looking tresses.

Best for detangling and conditioning your curls

Wearing protective styles can create knots that can be difficult to remove. A pplying a leave-in treatment will provide slip to the hair whilst adding hydration.

Angela shares the perfect multi-use product for tangled locks, “[Conditioning Detangler] is amazing  for refreshing dry frizzy hair and curls, also it helps with un-doing dry braids as well.” This hydrating cream features a blend of aloe vera and marula oil that work to boost moisture for softer, more manageable strands.

Best for smoothening frizz and fly-aways

Set your style and keep it fresh, “[Set and Refresh Foam]is best for resetting the waves and curls of extensions or smoothing frizzy braids,” Angela shares. This medium-hold foam is perfect for setting down your protective hairstyle as it can be used on natural hair, extensions and wigs.

Angela’s top tip: “This has apple cider vinegar in it, so it can be used on the scalp to eliminate dandruff and hydrate the hair in between washes, whilst also reducing frizz.”

Best for edge detail and styling

Using a hair gel is a great way to keep your hairstyles looking smooth and keeping them in place. Angela shares her favourite gel formula from the range, “Cantu Protective Styles Braiding and Twisting Gel [is a] fantastic styler when braiding and great to use for edges and ponytails as well.”

This non-greasy styling gel is perfect for defining and sculpting baby hairs into your desired shapes and works to keep your hairline locked all day.

Angela’s Top Tip: “Scoop the gel onto your finger and apply generously to the area in need and then use a fine-toothed comb or edge brush to smooth into the hair. Then simply manipulate as needed”.

Best for promoting a healthy scalp

Nourishing your scalp is just as important as nourishing your ends! Angela reveals the product that helps promote a flake-free scalp, “Daily Oil Drops gives the scalp so much moisture, plus reduces dandruff and itching.” Formulated with peppermint and tea tree oil, the drops help to nourish the scalp when wearing protective styles, working to reveal stronger-looking hair.

Best for keeping your hair feeling fresh

Finding the right product for keeping your hair feeling and smelling fresh in between washes, especially wigs, braids and weaves, can be a struggle. However, Angela lets us in on her fresh hair secret: “Hair refreshener is the best for spraying onto wigs, locs and braids in between washes to remove any trapped odour.” Infused with a blend of tea tree and lavender oils, the mist works to deliver a clean scent for long-lasting freshness.

What is your favourite product from the range and why?

A thorough cleanse acts as the foundation of any good haircare routine – but when it comes to wigs and extensions a deep cleanse can be a difficult task. Angela reveals her favourite product she incorporates into her detox routine: “My favourite product from the range is the Hair Bath & Cleanser because it removes all the buildup from my wigs and extensions when I want to reuse them. It works to bring them back to life. I also love the Hair Bath when I’m removing old braids because it cools my scalp after wearing a long-term protective style.”.


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Tara Stevenson-Smith
Writer and expert
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