NEW IN: Digital Shield

This lightweight, energising, antioxidant day cream is scientifically formulated to protect the skin against the ageing effects of urban and digital pollutants, diffuse signs of fatigue and supercharge the skin’s luminosity.


Super-facialist, founder and product formulator of the Skinesis range, Sarah Chapman is widely regarded as a premier skincare authority and one of the industry’s most sought-after experts. Known as much for her extensive knowledge of cosmetic science as for her passion for luxury beauty, Sarah has distilled over 20 years of knowledge and hands-on experience into her innovative, results-driven skincare line. Sarah created the Skinesis range to treat the skin concerns she sees every day in her treatment room and enable clinical results at home. Combining potent actives with cutting-edge technology, luxurious textures and refined botanical oils, these performance-proven formulas deliver healthy, rejuvenated skin with the coveted Skinesis glow.