Hair Thinning & Hair Loss Treatments

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Too many of us experience pattern hair loss, and it can really knock your confidence. Alongside a healthy diet, there are a range of hair loss treatments available to restore your locks to their former glory. From conditioners and scalp treatments to hair masks and oils, they’re all packed with energising ingredients that will help to stimulate folicle growth in patchy areas.

Washing your hair may help by keeping your scalp free from dirt, oil and impurities. And it’ll help to stimulate your scalp too. Use a strengthening shampoo that will be gentle on your scalp and hair, while promoting follicular activity and thickening the hair you have. Using a hair growth serum will ensure your hair and scalp are getting all the nutrients they need to thrive too. Packed with volumising, energising and moisturising ingredients, they’re specially formulated for fine, thinning hair.

Even choosing the right hair brush can help to slow down hair loss. Choose one that’s designed for fine hair to ensure you don’t put extra stress on your strands. It needs to be gentle enough to detangle your locks without pulling, snagging or snapping your fragile hair.

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