Tinted Moisturisers & Skin Tints

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Keep your skin hydrated with a touch of coverage with our fantastic range of tinted moisturisers and skin tints. The perfect picks for lightweight everyday wear or for layering underneath your foundation or powder, tinted moisturiser glides on to serve up a smooth, even finish without the feeling of heavy makeup. Even if you're a little foundation shy it is possible to transform dull uneven skin by using a tinted moisturiser to create a long lasting, flawless glow.

Is BB cream or tinted moisturiser better?

This depends on what you need. The main purpose of tinted moisturiser is to hydrate the skin while adding a bronze hue to the complexion. BB creams, also known as blemish balms, provide coverage and conceal blemishes, infused with skin-blurring pigments to provide a seamless base. Originally designed as an all-in-one formula, the BB cream unites the benefits of a moisturiser, primer, SPF, foundation, skin treatment, and concealer.

Can you use tinted moisturiser instead of foundation?

Yes absolutely! Tinted moisturiser provides sheer coverage for the days when you want to wear something lighter.

Can I use tinted moisturiser as sunscreen?

Yes, tinted moisturisers can be enough to protect your skin from the sun, but you need to choose wisely and use enough to give your skin the protection it needs. To ensure adequate protection for your face, you should look for tinted moisturisers with SPF30. And then you need to use a full teaspoon’s amount to get the benefit of the SPF. Most people tend not to use the full amount, so it makes sense to apply sunscreen first then your tinted moisturiser. Then you’ll get the protection from the sunscreen, plus the added SPF of the moisturiser too.

Do I need to wash off tinted moisturiser?

Just like your foundation, you should always wash off your tinted moisturiser at the end of the day. Although skin tints often give lighter coverage than your average foundation, always use a thorough cleanser and lukewarm water to rinse away any product from your face before you go to bed, allowing your skin to breathe overnight.

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