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Introducing Hair Gain, the home of scientifically-formulated haircare products that support stronger, longer, healthy-looking hair. Backed by trichologists and nutritionists alike, Hair Gain’s award-winning range of vegan formulas combine nourishing, strand-saving ingredients to help boost your locks both internally and externally.

The range was born after founder Lucy Palmer begun to experience postpartum hair loss after having her daughter. Unable to find anything on the market that would stop her from shedding, Lucy put her knowledge to the ultimate test and spent two years formulating Hair Gain, starring a host of powerful phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals and aminos that focus on the follicles to support the growth of luscious locks.

From ingestible supplements to topical treatments, Hair Gain seek to get to the root of your strand concerns, promoting growth, softness and shine both instantly and over time.

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