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Get full coverage with the Face Powder collection from Look Fantastic, with a fabulous range designed to suit your skin tone and keep your complexion looking even and oil free.
With Translucent powders designed to dust over a layer of matte texture over your skin to ensure that your complexion is shine free and looking healthy throughout the day. A pigment free powder designed perfectly for any skin tone, the perfect all-rounder.

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Makeup powder, more commonly known as face powder is a great product to help set your makeup in place and keep oil at bay.

What is a face powder used for?

Face powder is used to set your complexion products and to prevent them creasing. It’s also great to use throughout the day to get rid of oily skin.

Can I use powder instead of foundation?

Yes! If you want a light coverage powder is a great alternative to foundation for a natural finish.

Is compact or loose powder better?

Whilst loose powder is great for bakingyour under eyes, compact powder is better to use when you’re on the go for touch ups.

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