Eau de Toilette

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Discover eau de toilette for that subtle but enduring smell

If you like your scents delicately light yet still long-lasting, an eau de toilette is the perfect choice. As a refreshing type of fragrance that contains lower levels of essential oils (between 5% and 10% perfume oil) than other types of perfume, eau de toilettes are ideal for those that prefer lighter notes of fragrance, making it a great choice for daily wear, or those that have sensitive skin.

Eau De Toilette has a lasting power of three to four hours which may mean you need to top up your scent throughout the day depending on how the formula wears. Eau De Toilette also matures at a slower pace than Eau De Parfum due to the higher concentration of alcohol, which acts as a preservative.

Eau de toilettes come in a range of scents, with popular top notes including bergamot, apple, lemon, mandarin, rose, and vanilla. Base notes that you can filter by when browsing eau de toilettes for sale online include cardamom, sandalwood, amber, and geranium.

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