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The Ultrasun range at Lookfantastic is the perfect collection for keeping your skin protected from the sun's harmful UV rays. Whether you have sensitive skin or just simply wanting to protect your skin whilst in hotter climates, this range will prevent you from burning and help reduce the risk of premature ageing which can be caused by the sun's rays. Ultrasun was founded in 1992, and all the products are free from perfume, emulsifiers and preservatives, making them ideal for skin prone to sun allergies and prickly heat. The products are non-greasy, allowing them to absorb into the skin quickly, without making it feel sticky. Ultrasun's 'airless' dispensers enable you to use 100% of the product inside, which also gives them a much longer shelf life of 24 months.

As well as products which protect your skin in the sun, the Ultrasun range features a soothing after sun lotion to apply afterwards and a nourishing lip balm.

Which Ultrasun product is best for sensitive skin?

The Ultrasun Glimmer SPF20 Sensitive Formula cares for sensitive skin by providing a long-lasting, non-greasy and gentle protection from the sun's harmful UV rays. The formula contains golden 'glimmer' particles, which catch the light to enhance your skin with a gorgeous glow. The patented liposome complex effectively hydrates skin, making it a great choice for sensitive skin that suffers from dryness. An added plus, the suncream contains an airless pump dispenser, which is fitted to prevent product deterioration and contamination.

The Ultrasun collection at Lookfantastic is the perfect range for keeping your skin protected from the sun's harmful UV rays this summer. Shop the full range with free worldwide delivery and free UK next day delivery when you spend over £50. 

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