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After Rebecca Mone took over her mother Michelle’s Utan & Tone company back in 2014, she quickly realised that there was a gap in the market for a healthier way to tan. Her products help users to get much better – and safer – tans without having to waste hours and hours poolside. Without any extra packaging and with a fresh scent, Utan & Tone has pioneered a new way to be able to get a fabulous, natural-looking tan. By combining forces with a range of products such as the Super-Strength Vaycay Gummies, you can chew your way to a tan and create a natural, tanned glow.

Bestselling products such as the vegan Almond Mylk Tanning Mist and the cruelty-free CBD 50% Darker Tanning Water are fan favourites for a reason. They’re both created with natural levels of DHA for a streak-free finish. With a glowing tan that develops in just a few hours, both products include soothing ingredients such as Lavender Oil so that skin is happy and hydrated, without any irritation. After all, we all know that dry skin leads to a patchy tan.

LOOKFANTASTIC are official UK stockists of the Utan & Tone brand.

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