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Discover Avene, the French expert skin care brand that is ideal for sensitive skin. Founded back in 1743, the brand has always been committed to producing scientific products, and uses their unique Thermal Spring Water within all products to help soothe skin. The history of this exceptional ingredient is special in itself: it originates as rain which trickles down the Cévennes Mountains in south-central France, picking up precious trace elements and minerals along the way. After 40 years, the water reaches the mouth of the Sainte-Odile spring, and its natural properties have been proven to deliver results when it comes to caring for and managing sensitive skin. With their products focused on scientific and pharmaceutical principals, you can rest assured that your sensitive skin will soon feel soothed when you try out these luxury products. Not only are these scientific products completely soothing, but they’re also hydrating and anti-free radical, and will always be kind to your skin. Tending to all different levels of sensitivity with their hypoallergenic formulations, you’ll wonder how your sensitive skin ever coped without the wonders of these professional products. Whether you’re looking for a hydrating mask, a gentle make up remover or redness relief moisturiser, you’ll find the ideal body care products to sooth your sensitive skin here at 
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