For over 50 years, Klorane has been taking care of you by taking care of nature. Every day, we are committed to cultivating nature with respect, preserving its resources, and revealing its beneficial properties in the botanical care products we formulate in France. Find a hair care product for any hair concern: dry hair, thinning hair, sensitive scalps, irrigated scalps, coloured hair, blonde hair and grey hair. Also find our cult favourite here, the Klorane Dry Shampoo - did you know that Klorane Laboratories first invented Dry Shampoo for mothers-to-be in the maternity ward?


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"The story of the Klorane brand starts in the south-west of France in 1965 with chemist Pierre Fabre’s passion for all things plants. He strongly believed in the beautifying effects that they can have on both the hair and the skin, and a whole new range of products was born.

Klorane is unique as it doesn’t try to lump together a different bunch of botanicals for all types of hair. It focuses on one star botanical ingredient, for one specific concern. This was how the brand started, as it shone a light on the benefits of chamomile for use on blonde hair. With the iconic results of what is traditionally a rather difficult colour to maintain, history was made.

However, Klorane isn’t a brand that focuses just on the hair. It places a great emphasis on the skin too, using the same 'one plant, one concern' philosophy. For example, in 1967 the soothing – but not stripping – Makeup Remover was created from cornflower.

In 2021, the simplicity of this brand is still renowned. The tide of thinning hair is greatly reversed by using their Strengthening Serum, born from quinine and organic edelweiss.

At LOOKFANTASTIC we’re official UK stockists of the Klorane brand."

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