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Whatever your skin type or desired makeup finish NYX Professional Makeup Primers have got you covered. Cruelty free formulas with love from LA.

Primers & Enhancers

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Get the most out of your eyes with the Primers & Enhancers range from Look Fantastic. Designed to create a flawless starting point for your eye make-up application, these two products work on different levels to get the best results every time.
Eye primer works on a base level, giving your eyelid supreme texture for colour application that's smooth and even. Preventing your make up being spoiled by ensuring clogging and clumping doesn't occur, reducing oil exposure to ensure oily eye lids don't ruin your look.
Enhancers add instant vibrancy to any colour applied on top. Also extending the appearance of your lashes with specially formulated qualities that volumises and lift lashes to beyond their natural capabilities.
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Primer makeup including facial primers are an essential in your makeup bag if you want your look to last all day long.

What do primers do?

Primers act as a tacky base to help your makeup stick and keep in place all day.

When should I use primer?

For best results, apply your chosen primer onto your face after you’ve cleansed and moisturised and before makeup application.

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