Eczema Treatments

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Soothe, calm and heal eczema flare-ups with our range of dermatologist-recommended eczema treatments containing deeply-moisturising formulas cocoon your skin to replenish and protect it.

They work because eczema is usually caused by your body's inability to retain moisture. The extreme dryness stresses out your skin, causing it to react to other triggers too. This results in itchy, cracked and inflamed areas of skin, that become painful and uncomfortable to live with.

But here at LOOKFANTASTIC, we've got a whole host of cleansers, moisturisers, lotions, and masks that provide relief from flare-ups and can help to prevent future ones too. We've got treatments from the best brands in the business – including Avene, CeraVe, La-Roche Posay and Ameloriate. Discover a range of hydrating cleansers that gentle on your skin (especially if you struggle with eczema on your face), removing makeup and excess oils without stripping moisture. Then are are body lotions and moisturisers that are packed with hyrating ingredients to protect your skin's natural barrier and lock in moisture all day long.

These formulas work wonders if you have atopic dermatitis too – a longer-term and more severe form of eczema which stays on your skin, rather than occurring in flare-ups. Once you've found your favourite products, be sure to apply them regularly as instructed to smooth dry skin, soothe inflammation and promote a dewy radiance from head to toe.
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