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Crafting fragrances since 1775, House of Houbigant is the renowned beauty brand founded by French perfumer, Jean-Francois Houbigant – and it is the only perfume house to have lived through four centuries of history!

Through every century, the perfumers at Houbigant have made innovative discoveries in the formulation of fragrance, creating luxurious scents with iconic and eternal essences. From the enchanting masculine perfume, Fougere Royale (popular for its uplifting citrus oils and sense-awakening Mediterranean herbs), to the classic Quelques Fleurs (the first true multi-floral fragrance blend ever created), each carefully-crafted scent is made to express your unique personality, whatever your mood.

Even today, House of Houbigant is proud of its heritage and continues to create timeless and sophisticated perfumes that fascinate collectors all over the world, thanks to its commitment pioneering creative concepts and raw materials. Find your latest signature today!
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