Vitamin C Skincare

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Offering protection against pollution, environmental aggressors and even sun damage, vitamin C is a superhero ingredient for a more even, brighter complexion. It’s an antioxidant found naturally in our skin, but begins to deplete as we age, so it’s important to top this back up by adding vitamin C skincare to your regimen.

This powerhouse comes in a range of formulas, so making it part of your regular skincare routine is easy. Vitamin C serums are a great place to start, delivering a targeted treatment to dial up skin’s radiance and even out tone, such as the La Roche-Posay Pure Vitamin C10 Serum with its potent concentration. Then there are vitamin C moisturisers, like The Inkey List’s Blemish Clearing Moisturizer 2% NovoRetin, designed to reduce blemishes and smooth texture with a clever blend of vitamin C and retinoid.

And it’s not just your face this innovative ingredient is good for, try adding it to your bodycare routine with the Garnier Body Superfood Nutri Glow Body Cream Vitamin C and Mango to deeply hydrate and brighten your skin from tip to toe.

Vitamin C can usually be applied daily, but if you have sensitive skin, we always recommend starting with two days a week and then building up your skin’s tolerance. Always follow the instructions on your chosen formula for the best results.

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