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Treat your hair and give it the love it deserves with the range of hair brushes available at LOOKFANTASTIC.

Whether you’re looking to tease those tangles, create lift when blow drying or add some final touches to your glam updo, a good hair brush is an absolute essential in your beauty cupboard. And at LOOKFANASTIC, you’ll find flat paddle brushes for smoothing hair, round brushes for styling while you use your hair dryer, narrow brushes for tackling those fly aways and wide brushes for detangling wet hair. Plus plenty more.

Is it better to brush or comb hair?

This completely depends on your hair type and the tool you’re using. If you have coarse, textured hair, you may find a comb is more delicate for detangling. But if you don’t, a hair brush could be the way to go.

How do I choose a hairbrush?

Getting the right hair brush will all depend on what you need to use it for. The following is a good guide:

  • Flat paddle brushes are great for smoothing hair, ideal for use on medium to long hair.

  • Round brushes are great for styling while using heat tools, especially blow dryers.

  • Narrow brushes are great for styling baby hairs or smoothing flyaways, making sure all your updos look pristine.

  • Wide bristle brushes are great for detangling wet hair because they help to minimise snagging, gently loosing knots.

Shop the full range of hair brushes at LOOKFANTASTIC – you know your hair will thank you. All our hair brushes are available for delivery across the UK, and you can go for next day delivery if you simply can’t wait to change up your haircare routine.

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