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Elevate your lip look with the wide range of lipsticks at LOOKFANTASTIC.

Lipstick shades have evolved over the years. Now, there are more shades than ever before – from dark red lipstick, nude lipstick and glitter lipstick to black lipstick, purple lipstick and pink lipstick – meaning you are spoilt for choice. But with plenty of shades and brands to choose from, it can be difficult to find the perfect product for you.

But here at LOOKFANTASTIC we like making our customers lives easier. Read our guide to our cult-favourite lipsticks, where we can give you an idea of the best-in-show formulas including matte lipsticksliquid lipsticks, cream and powder lipsticks.

Red lipstick has always been the classic go-to lipstick as it matches most skin tones, and provides a stand-out look. But times have changed with the introduction of sheer, glossy lipsticks.

Glossy lipsticks have completely changed the game. They add flawless shine to your lips, creating a smooth and lustrous lip look. Plus, as an added benefit, they also come in many different shades. You may wonder when you should choose lipstick over lip gloss, well if you want a long-lasting finish and a pop of colour then go for a lipstick. If you want a natural look, then go for a lip gloss. Don't forget though, you can also apply lip gloss over your lipstick for even more shine.

Browse through our edit of matte lipsticks, glossy lipsticks, liquid lipsticks and long-lasting lipsticks. And don’t forget our lip makeup range, from lips balms to keep your lips petal-soft, to lip gloss for the perfect shine. All our lipsticks and lipstick sets are available for delivery across the UK. Shop the full range today.

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