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skinChemists is a brand that has been dedicated to bringing you the best skincare products across the globe. The family-run business goes right back to the 1890s, when skinChemist's company Ridleys introduced the top selling Quinine and Tonic, which was a restorative mixture intended for beauty purposes. Now though, skinChemists is recognised on an international scale and fast became famous for its Wrinkle Killer Snake Serum, which uses the Swiss Technology award-winning Syn-Ake active ingredient. It was soon followed by the critically acclaimed Bee Venom in 2013, which has since been adored by celebrities and skincare specialists worldwide. 

Why does skinChemists use Bee Venom in its products?

Bee Venom is an active ingredient within the skinChemist Bee Venom range, and is used because of its ability to smooth and essentially plump the skin by increasing blood circulation. The movement of nutrients between the levels of the skin help reduce the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines.

Watch the video below to find out more about Bee Venom and its benefits:

I need a good primer to help keep my make-up in place. What do skinChemists have on offer?

The skinChemists Studio Finish Primer creates the perfect base for your make-up. Expertly formulated with silicone and aloe vera, it works to soothe and smooth your skin whilst reducing the appearance of open pores. As well as giving your skin a flawless appearance, the primer also helps your make-up stay put and leaves you with a professional finish that lasts.

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"skinChemists was formed in 1955, inspired by the philosophies of English pharmaceutical chemist Francis G. F. Walker. He, in turn, was fascinated by Victorian practices, especially the trust that consumers had back then for their chemists. In September 1955, shortly after his graduation, Walker took over the family-run Thomas Ridley & Sons Chemists Ltd and operated a friendly business that had time for personal chitchat with anyone and everyone – continuing as the Victorians did.

In 1960, however, Walker turned his attention to creating his own skincare solutions, creating the iconic Elder Flower Cream. It was an instant hit and drew the ‘it’ girls of 1960s society to the doors of his practice for a jar of this magical treatment. This kickstarted the success of the skinChemists brand, which we still see the effects of today.

In 2021, the skinChemists brand still adheres to Walker’s pioneering techniques, harnessing natural, botanical ingredients which are also suitable for vegans. The brand bottles this up in the form of cult classic products such as the London Rose Quartz Mineral Night Moisturiser and their Oui Essential Hydrating Facial Serum.

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