Virtue is the first and only hair care with Alpha Keratin 60ku, a powerful protein that's clinically proven to give you stronger, healthier in as few as five uses. All products are vegan and cruelty free, as well as paraben, glute, sulfate, and phthalate free.



Science and beauty come together to give you healthy hair you can feel and results you can see. Dr. Luke Burnett, a retired U.S. Army Colonel, was working in regenerative medicine when he found a way to extract keratin from ethically sourced human hair. Alpha Keratin 60ku®, an all-natural protein identical to the keratin that makes up 90% of our hair. All Virtue® products contain Alpha Keratin 60ku®, which binds directly to damaged strands, recharging keratin that has eroded over time due to styling, color processing and environmental factors. With renewed strands, hair is stronger, shinier and overall healthier. This healing ingredient is clinically proven to transform hair in just five uses - and you won't find it anywhere else. It regrows, repairs and restores damaged hair in real time. With every wash, style and restyle, hair gets closer to its healthiest version yet.