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When the team at Wet Brush heard the cries of those struggling to detangle their knotty hair, they sat up and listened. As a result of their close attention and thoughtful production, the innovative collection from Wet Brush was born to settle the shouts. A detangling hair brush from this collection will glide through your locks with minimum effort, relieving you of the daily battle with knotted hair. Say “goodbye” to pain and “hello” to gain when you tame wet hair or style dry hair with the Wet Brush – you’ll question how you ever lived without one!

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Which Wet Brush is right for you?

The Wet Brush

There is no better way to achieve soft and smooth hair than by brushing with a classic Wet Brush. Unique IntelliFlex bristles will sooth your tangles and tame your knots in no time – in a range of colours, you’ll find the perfect style to match your taste and reflect your personality.

The Paddle

For fuller locks that need special attention, The Paddle will slide through long, thick hair with ease. Did you think that your mane was out of control and untreatable? Well think again! The wide surface area of this detangler will take on large sections of your hair, giving it the smoothing treatment it deserves.

The Wet Hot Brush

If you like to save time by styling whilst you dry, the Wet Hot Brush is ideal for you. This round hair brush can withstand the high temperatures of your hairdryer and is a great shape for controlling the flow and form of your do. Perfect for style seekers with busy lifestyles!

The Selfie Brush

So you’ve just shaped and styled your hair to perfection - why not capture this moment?! The Selfie Brush is a fantastic choice if you love to make memories and look great while you’re at it – just slip your phone into the case, check your look in the mirror and get snapping!