Primer Makeup

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Whether you feel more comfortable with a full face of makeup or you prefer the barely-there look, then you should still be using a primer before applying any form of makeup. Incorporating a face primer into your routine will help to prep your skin for the application of makeup and ultimately transform the appearance of your skin. Primers hold an array of purposes; they fill in fine lines, blur the signs of any visible pores and can help to keep your makeup looking fresh all day. Available in cream, gel and liquid formulas, a face primer can even be worn completely on it's own to give your skin an airbrushed finish!

What Are The Benefits Of A Makeup Primer?

Face primers come with an array of benefits, one being that they seal pores. Foundation, in particular liquid formulas, can make pores appear much larger and more visible; a primer can help to prevent this. By sealing larger pores, a face primer can blur the appearance of the skin, creating flawless finish. Using a primer also helps the skin to appear much more youthful by filling in any fine lines or wrinkles, this will also allow for a much smoother makeup application. A face primer can also act as a protective layer to the skin. As well as decreasing sweating and oil production, using a primer before makeup application can also shield your skin from dust and water, allowing your makeup to stay in place for longer. Finally, most primers are also non-comedogenic, meaning that the formula will not irritate your skin, clog your pores or cause you to break out.

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