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How we’re making SPF more accessible this summer

How we’re making SPF more accessible this summer
Sheeva Fallahi
Beauty Editor2 months ago
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Our What the SPF?! Campaign

We believe protecting your skin is essential and building SPF into your daily routine should be non-negotiable. But did you know that SPF is currently classified as a cosmetic product, instead of an essential item, by UK regulations? This means that access to sun protection comes with added VAT.

With cases of melanoma on the rise, we believe it’s more important than ever to make sun protection accessible for everyone. So this summer, we say ‘What the SPF?!’ to taxation and are proud to offer a 20% saving across our core face and body suncare lines of factor 30 or above.

The move helps to reinforce the importance of sun safety, making it easier for you to incorporate SPF into your everyday routine – whatever your budget! Here's everything you need to know about our ‘What the SPF?!’ campaign…

The best SPFs for broad-spectrum UV protection

1)To encourage the use of daily sun protection

Did you know sun protection should be worn every day - even when the sun isn’t shining? This is because UV rays are present all year round, meaning they can penetrate through clouds on the greyest of days - even the snow can reflect the sun’s rays onto your skin on a bright winter morning!

Adding SPF into your everyday routine is a crucial step to protect your skin from UV rays, helping to keep your skin healthy. What’s more? Using a sunscreen everyday can have many skin benefits. In addition to preventing sunburn, a broad-spectrum SPF that protects against UVA can also help to minimise signs of ageing, such as dull skin and wrinkles.


2)To make quality SPF more accessible to all

You may think that a high-quality SPF will leave you out of pocket, especially when you are buying for the whole family. However, we’re here to put your skin health first by making SPF more accessible and affordable for everyone.

From May to August, we are offering a 20% reduction across our core suncare lines of factor 30 or higher. In accordance with The British Skin Foundation, SPF 30 is the minimum sun protection factor you need to protect against UVB rays and keep your skin safe from the sun.

Whatever your budget, we want to make it easier for you to build SPF into your routine. With suncare to suit every price point, skin type or concern, there’s no excuse to skip daily UV protection!


3)To educate on the importance of SPF

While affordable suncare is a top priority, our primary goal is to raise awareness of the importance of wearing SPF every day. Although a golden tan is at the top of many summer wishlists, it’s time to put sun safety above those bronzing wants and needs.

Quality SPFs are celebrated for their ability to not only protect against sun burn, but also against factors like accelerated skin ageing, moles and dark spots. SPF needs to be re-applied throughout the day as it blocks harmful UVA and UVB rays from damaging the skin barrier, seeking to prevent both long-term and short-term side effects of prolonged sun exposure.

Through education on the benefits of wearing SPF, we hope to encourage the use of daily sun protection – and at a more affordable cost!

4)To establish SPF as a skincare essential

In association with the British Beauty Council, we're supporting reclassifying SPF from a cosmetic product to an essential item.

Victoria Brownlie, Chief Policy Officer of the British Beauty Council explains: “Sun safety is a basic need and should be treated as such by Government, industry and the public alike. Challenging misconceptions around the necessity for sun protection and its role in preventing cancer and reducing the burden on our health service is paramount. However, making products accessible and most importantly affordable for all must also be a priority. The British Beauty Council therefore supports charity and industry wide calls for better education around sun safety and the reclassification of SPF30+ sunscreen as an essential rather than cosmetic product by HMRC, thereby removing VAT.”

Enjoy at least 20% off our core face and body suncare all summer long – because protecting your skin shouldn’t cost you more.

Sheeva Fallahi
Beauty Editor
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