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Why pimple patches (or acne stickers) are secret superheroes

Why pimple patches (or acne stickers) are secret superheroes
Team LF
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We've all been there. Either we remove makeup at the end of the day and see a huge spot forming, or we wake up and it's already fully erupted. So, when we heard there were tiny (and invisible) acne stickers that could magically make them disappear, we just couldn't say no to trialling them. Known as either "pimple patches" or "acne stickers", these little dots adhere to said blemish in question, and help make them disappear like true skincare wizardry.

What are acne stickers?

Although they have the super cool nickname of pimple patches (or of course acne stickers), they're actually called hydrocolloid bandages. If you haven't heard of hydrocolloid technology, it's what's used in blister plasters to help cushion painful sores on the skin and "suck out" the fluid inside, so that the plaster absorbs it, instead of the blister popping and scarring the skin.

How do they work?

In pimple terms, this hydrocolloid technology works in exactly the same way. Their cellulose base not only helps to absorb fluid from the blemish, but also keep damaging bacteria and excess water out, so the spot has time to dry and heal.

Some of them rely on simply hydrocolloid technology (which absolutely works perfectly), but if you had some more stubborn spots you couldn't shift, some of them also contain popular blemish-fighting ingredients such as Salicylic Acid and Benzoyl Peroxide. While some skin types can be sensitive to these ingredients, the good news about acne stickers is that they contain such tiny doses, they make a difference without irritation.

Where are they best to use?

They work best on spots that have a head and can be easily extracted, but wouldn't give you the results you wanted on a blackhead. But let's face it, we'd only need one of this pimple zappers in times of emergency, and blackheads being so common, just don't constitute that same emergency.

While they're fairly new in Western Beauty, they're actually a super common part of Eastern skincare routines, and yes you guessed it, the secret behind any Korean beauty's clear complexion.We can't wait to see what new beauty trend lies ahead judging by the effectiveness of these.

What do we recommend?

  • Our number one product of choice has to be the CosRX Pimple Patches, which have become a beauty blogger favourite. Not only are they super affordable, but they work brilliantly, and hail straight from the country who developed these little miracle circles.
  • A little more down the premium skincare line are the Peter Thomas Roth Acne Patches, which are also enriched with Salicylic Acid to help fight bigger and more inflamed spots at their source.
  • The Sarah Chapman Skinesis SOS Spot Stickers come from one of the most trusted facialists in the beauty industry, and contain Vitamin C to help fight dark marks and pigmentation; reducing the appearance of scarring post blemish.
Team LF
Writer and expert
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