Lip Makeup

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Keep your lips looking fantastic!

Lip makeup is the cherry on top for many makeup lovers. There’s so much that can be done to enhance your lips making them brighter, fuller, more defined and well nourished. You can elevate your whole makeup look by adding beautiful bold shades or opt for a natural neutral tone.

If you are wondering which lip makeup is right for you, it’s hard to know until you’ve tried them. At LOOKFANTASTIC we have a wide selection of lip makeup to suit every need and look.

Lip Glosses guarantee high shine and a gorgeous gloss; perfect for enhancing the natural shape of your lips.

Lip Plumpers work to really bring out the best in your lips, boosting their shape and providing a feminine and flirty pout.

Lip Stains provide a natural flush of colour to your lips and a gorgeous dewy effect ideal for quick colour with little effort needed to maintain.

Lip Balms work against the harsh conditions your lips might have to fight off. From seasonal changes to over exposure, these balms use natural formulas to revive your pout and bring it back to full health.

Lip Liners & Pencils use precision designs to line and define your lips. Preventing colour bleeding with Lipstick application and giving the natural shape of your lips a boost.

Lip Primers get your lips ready for what's about to come. Perfect for smoothing out before colour application to ensure that your lips are always looking their best.

Lipsticks give you the option to have any colour lips in the world. From nudes, pink, reds and purples, choose the colours that you love and keep things on trend with LOOKFANTASTIC.

Whether you’re glamming up for an occasion or just a simple night out with friends and family, we have the right shade for you, thanks to trusted brands like Maybelline, Clinique, NYX, Revlon and Too Faced.

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