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Top 6 best facial cleansers for men

Top 6 best facial cleansers for men
Holly James
Beauty Writer1 year ago
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Along with facial hair and sensitivity from shaving, men's skin also differs biologically from women's due to male hormones that can contribute to breakouts and having a thicker texture. Specially formulated to treat male skin, these targeted cleansers contain a blend of purifying and moisturising ingredients to help keep the complexion clear and comfortable.

How does male skin differ from female skin?

"Men’s skin characteristics are mainly dictated to the hormones" explains Bertie Baker, senior product brand manager, L’Oréal Men Expert. "Compared to women’s, the secretion of androgens is much higher which explains both the physiological and structural differences between men’s and women’s skin. Some of the results of it are:

  • Men have thicker skin, as men’s dermis has a higher collagen density.
  • Later but more rapid aging: men’s skin is more elastic though it declines faster. Wrinkles appear later but once they do, the skin is wrinkled faster and deeper.
  • Greater sebaceous function: sebum secretion is higher on men so men have more often oily skin than women.
Are men more prone to oily skin and blemishes than women?

"Male sebaceous glands are more active, also causing more and larger pores" says Bertie. "This will lead their skin to be more oily and will cause blemishes, especially during puberty as the androgens production is larger".

The good news for any men new to skincare, Bertie points out that it doesn't have to take a lot of time and effort to achieve maximum results. "A comprehensive skincare routing can take as little as few minutes in the morning & evening" he assures.

One of the most important steps in a man's skincare routine, along with moisturising, "cleansing helps remove dirt, impurities & irritants from the skin, providing the optimal surface to add further skincare steps like a moisturiser" explains Bertie who says the face should be cleansed both morning and evening for the best results and skin health.

Bertie's top tip: "When using a cleanser, do not apply too much pressure to your skin with hands or a clothe; damage is most often caused by rough application".

What are the best cleansers for men?

    Holly James
    Beauty Writer
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