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After a fun day in the sun, treat and restore your skin with a nurturing and calming aftersun treatment, making tomorrow a more enjoyable experience.

There’s nothing quite like a day in the sunshine for a beautifully bronzed glow but once you come inside we still want you to look chic whilst staying cool. Aftersun is an essential part of a tanning routine so that skin stays hydrated, any sunburn is cooled down and redness is relieved. We have a wide range of refreshing and soothing Aftersun products from top brands including NIVEA, Ambre Solaire and Lancaster.

Aftersun is formulated to restore hydration and sooth your skin after sunburn and sun exposure. You can apply aftersun to sunburnt skin as often as needed. Doing this, will keep the skin moisturised and supple, helping speed up recovery and restoring your skin's natural barrier. Most aftersun lotions can be kept in the fridge to help cool sunburn. Look out for key ingredients such as Aloe Vera which are known to help reduce inflammation.

Lazy summer days are nothing short of blissful and although a big dose of Vitamin D is great for you, the sun also causes cellular damage even if you don’t look burnt. Not only will aftersun slow down the signs of ageing but also help maintain your tan for longer by keeping skin hydrated.

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