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Find the Conditioner to suit your style with this amazing range from Lookfantastic.
Anti-Dandruff conditioners banish flaky scalps and rid your hair of embarrassment.
Blonde Hair conditioners bring your blonde hair back to life with brightening formulas that banish brassy tones.
Coloured Hair conditioners boost the vibrancy of your hair colour to ensure your hair is never dull again.
Damaged Hair conditioners enrich your hair with nourishment, diminishing frizz and repairing split ends.
Dry Hair conditioners quench your hairs thirst to banish dry, brittle hair and leave you with a full head of luscious locks.
Frizzy Hair conditioners really do leave your hair smooth and conditioned, flattening out the frizz and kinks.
Leave In Conditioners are the ultimate in hair treatments, giving you an intense dosage of hair care to leave your locks smooth and soft again.
Oily Hair rebalances your scalp and reduces the amount of oil produced to give you a fresh and clean approach to your hair.
Red Hair deserves only the best of care and with these conditioners you can boost the vibrancy of your hair and really leave your hair blazing.
Sun & Water Care conditioners battle against the damage caused by the sun, sea and chlorine to ensure your hair remains healthy no matter where you are.
Black Hair conditioners work to brighten and add shine to your hair to ensure it looks healthy all the time.
Brunette Hair has a tendency of becoming dull, but with these conditioners designed specifically for brown locks, your colour with become vibrant and full of shine throughout the day.

Inject some colour, bounce and volume to your Curly & Wavy Hair with these conditioners designed especially for curly hair.
Detangling conditioners are ideal for unruly hair, making knotted hair manageable again.
Fine Hair conditioners boost the condition of your hair whilst adding lift to your roots for a fuller head of hair.
Highlighted hair needs a conditioner that brightens their highlights and reduces the damage caused through treatments.
Mature Hair has seen it all and with these conditioners you can rest assured that your hair is back looking youthful and feeling healthy.

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